Research and Development

RD1 Research and DevelopmentA dedicated team of professional chemists working throughout the year to develop new methods of extraction and to refine the existing extracts in their purest forms.

Kisalaya has two labs, both checking and verifying and ensuring the absolute quality of the extracts before dispatching them to varied customers ensuring the satisfaction of our trusted customers over the globe.

Our R & D team works relentlessly on extracts not currently being handled Kisalaya, but as per customer demands and needs as is communicated.

Quality Control and R & D

Production and Q.C. lab is controlled by Shri J.A. Chalukey who carries an admirable 35 years of experience in this field. Shri J.A. Chalukey heads a team of experienced post graduate chemists of whom 3 are looking after production and 2 are working in our Laboratory and R & D Centre.