Eco Green

Kisalaya Herbal Limited provides the extracts from natural herbs while maintaining the sanctity of nature itself. At Kisalaya, we believe in a green world, clean and pure.

  • Kisalaya’s own water purifier cleanses the water from any harmful solvents it may contain. We use this very water for our flourishing gardens, trees and the plentiful greenery that surrounds our main manufacturing plant within our very campus.
  • We strictly adhere to the air pollution control norms for our boilers ensuring a safe chimney height and incorporating the best air pollution control equipments for the chimneys.
  • Kisalaya incorporates the best practices for waste disposal. The plentiful of organic waste is used for composting. The inorganic wastes are either given thermal treatment under a controlled environment or are used to power our boilers using the energy recovery method.

Thus ensuring pollution free trio of air, water and land, Kisalaya attempts a miniscule to take care of Mother Nature just as its herbs take care of us.